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I Help People Eliminate the Stress of Debt with Bankruptcy!


  • Be DEBT FREE in as Little as 4 Months!

  • Get Out of Debt WITHOUT a High-Interest Loan Consolidation!

  • Experience the FINANCIAL FRESH START You Deserve!

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  • The average New Yorker has about $55,000 in debt!

  • About 50% of all New Yorkers are at least 30 days delinquent on one or more of their debts!

  • Almost 8% of ALL AMERICANS are in collections!

  • Yet only 3% of New Yorkers will file for bankruptcy?!

  • Why Would You Continue To Struggle With The Stress And Anxiety That All This Debt Causes You? Don't Be A Statistic Like This When You Don't Have To!

    *Data Obtained From Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit

    Imagine your life STRESS-FREE

    because you are living your life DEBT-FREE!

    One thing that people want is to lead a life free of excess worry and stress.

    Unfortunately, DEBT causes INCREDIBLE amounts of stress, worry and anxiety that lingers for days, weeks, and even years!

    Whatever the reasons, you have gotten into debt over the years. 

    The total amount of debt just got out of control without you noticing.

    You definitely tried to pay it off, making monthly payments, but the total amount of debt never seems to go down.

    You Feel Stuck. 

    You Feel Like You'll Never Pay This Debt Off. 

    You're Unsure Where To Turn Or What To Do.

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    Thankfully, There Is A Path To Eliminate Your Debt!

    And fortunately, it's much FASTER, EASIER, and MORE AFFORDABLE than you think!

    This Path To Eliminate Your Debts QUICKLY


  • Bankruptcy Cases Get Results FAST - Your case is COMPLETE in about 4 months!

  • Bankruptcy Cases With Me Are EASY - Much of the intake and documents can be done ONLINE!

  • Bankruptcy Cases With Me Are AFFORDABLE - Attorney Fees for a bankruptcy case are as low as $1,500!!

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    My 5 Step Bankruptcy Process is QUICK and EASY!


      STEP 1: Pre-Qualification

      We get on a brief phone or virtual call where I ask you several questions about your current situation, including assets, income, and expenses.

      STEP 2: Send You a List of Documents

      Once you've been pre-qualified for bankruptcy on our call, I will send you an email with information on how to move forward, including payment information, a list of documents to get together and send back, and completing the first course. 

      STEP 3: Prepare Your Bankruptcy Petition

      Once you've sent over your documents and payment, I get started on preparing all of your bankruptcy petition and schedules.

      STEP 4: Review and Sign Your Bankruptcy Petition

      After all of the bankruptcy documents are prepared, we must meet to review and make any changes. Once the bankruptcy papers are complete, you will sign them, as well as pay any remaining balance.

      STEP 5: Your Bankruptcy Case Gets Filed!

      After payment is complete and your bankruptcy documents have been reviewed and filed, they get filed with the court, and your bankruptcy case is officially started!  You get the powerful benefit of the AUTOMATIC STAY as soon as your case is filed!

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    You Have a Choice . . .

    You can do nothing, and things will stay exactly the same tomorrow as they are today

    Family Struggling with Bills
  • You can choose to continue living under the crushing weight of debt, and living with all of the stress, worry, and anxiety that comes with debt

  • You can choose to continue dealing with all of the collection letters, phone calls, lawsuits, along with the threats of repossession, garnishment, and bank levies

  • You can choose to continue pretending that everything is OK, trying to keep up appearances with family and friends, all the while feeling shame and embarrassment when money comes up

  • Or You can choose to give yourself a financial fresh start by filing for bankruptcy today!

    Family Enjoying Dinner
  • Get the powerful benefit of the Automatic Stay to stop enforcement and collection of debts

  • Have your debts discharged in bankruptcy, so that you can use your money for the things you need and want in your life

  • Start rebuilding your credit anew when you get a financial fresh start in bankruptcy

  • Put an end to all of the harassing and embarrassing collection letters and phone calls from creditors 

  • Be able to enjoy your time with family and friends knowing that you no longer have the heavy burden of debt crushing you

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    Here's what my clients say . . .

    I had experienced a time of difficulty and drawbacks during my divorce. Richard was referred to me by another lawyer, and I am so grateful for the referral. Richard is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and his humbleness makes him so easily approachable to ask him anything you choose. My bankruptcy went so smoothly, and now today I am getting ready for the next chapter in my life…buying a home. I will be using Richard for that process as well! LORK is the way to go.

    • Google Review from Yendy

    If [you're] looking for an attorney Richard is your [guy]. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He walked me through my bankruptcy case and the entire process felt like a breeze. Thank you is not even enough for all he’s done for me. I will for sure recommend him to everyone. I promise you that you will not regret having Richard on your team.

    • Google Review from Julissa

    For two years I struggled with debt owed to New York State, debt that put my financial goals on pause. After countless consultations with other attorneys, Richard came out a clear winner. His dedication to my case from day one was something that you rarely see in small cases like mine. He walked me through the entire process, from reaching out to the State, and trying to negotiate my debt to our ultimate move to file for bankruptcy. Richard explained the entire bankruptcy process to me and gave me a heads up of all possible road blocks, he also had contingency plans in place incase anything out of the ordinary came up. His dedication to not just my case but to me as a person was amazing. Do yourself a service and hire this man, you won't regret it! I sure didn't.

    Google Review from Oscar

    Mr. [Kistnen] was an absolute professional. He understood my needs and assisted with my bankruptcy case. He made himself available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

    Google Review from Joy

    My mother was the one who found out about Richard. We looked everywhere for the right lawyer to help with my case and he was the only one we found who was helpful. He’s very professional, respectful and highly educated individual. I would highly recommend Richard for anyone who need legal advice or help. His rates are affordable and you don’t have to give any lump sum money like other law firms. This guy is truly amazing and he gets the job done. Thank you Richard!

    Google Review from Mohamed

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    I'm Ready to Help You Eliminate the Stress of Debt with Bankruptcy!

    Have your debts discharged in bankruptcy

    Stop harassing and embarrassing collection letters and phone calls from creditors

    Rebuild your credit quickly with your bankruptcy financial fresh start

    Enjoy your time with family and friends without the stress, worry, and anxiety caused by crushing debt

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    Don't waste more time! You deserve a better life, and a financial fresh start in bankruptcy could be your FASTEST and EASIEST way there!

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